Lost Archive: Life Drawings

We moved about 4 years ago, and just recently I opened up my portfolio box to find some undocumented life drawings. Here they are… they’re all for sale! Enjoy. 140710_lifedrawing_7100339-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100341-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100343-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100344-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100347-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100350-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100352-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100354-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100356-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100359-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100360-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100363-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100366-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100368-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100370-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100372-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100374-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100376-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100378-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100380-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100382-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100384-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100386-Med 140710_lifedrawing_7100388-Med OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Portfolio Revisit


I had a chance to go through my portfolio recently and here are a few of my favorites…


drawings-00271 drawings-00571 drawings-00201 drawings-0021 27 05 012-drawing_image1 019-037-drawings-2838 024-042-_mg_2930

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In December of 2008 I began work on the Maharajji Murti as a form of bakti yoga. The decision seemed simple, I had a skill, I loved Maharajji, and I didn’t see any sculptures of him that bore a resemblance. I didn’t know it would be such an amazing journey, a gift that keeps on giving. And now, years later, the journey continues. I am meeting amazing people who were with Maharajji. The tears of joy and the stories that pour out when people who know him sees the Murti has been a great surprise to me.

The following is a little biography of Maharajji, some technical information about the sculpture and my journey that lead me to him.

About Guru Sri Neem Karoli Baba (aka Maharaj-ji)
Maharajji[1] established at least 108 temples, fed hundreds of thousands of people, advised government and corporate leaders, performed what some would call miracles, influenced…

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Portrait Bust Complete, Plus Timelapse Video

Took a while, but it’s done. I started this portrait back in February. And I finished it around Sept. The actual sculpting time was around 70 hours. The challenge was to make the subject look younger and thinner, yet exude the same expression and likeness. I am pretty happy with how it came out. The Clients liked it too.


This first video, I start out by using a cardboard cut out. It’s a life size silhouette. I saw that technique on an episode of Mythbusters. It’s a great way to start quickly, getting it roughed in. Then once I have the general demensions down, I cut the clay off, and wire in some splints of wood to support the weight of the wet clay.


Part 2. I started to work on details. Although, I really try hard to avoid working on details till the proportions look perfect. But I had to first sculpt him in the direction of what he looks like now, before making him thinner and younger.


Part 3. In this video, I finish up the sculpture, dry it, hollow it, fire it and then paint and wax it. I also tried a voice over in the video just to add some explanations of what it is I’m doing. Enjoy!

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Welcome to my Art portfolio. In addition to my commercial photography work, I sculpt, draw and make abstracts photography. Here I plan on updating you on the progress of my artist ventures. Stay tuned for future updates.